The Ulan Bator Foundation was created on July 24, 1991 when the U.S. Internal Revenue Service granted the Ulan Bator Foundation and Arnold Springer the administrative status of a 501C3 organization (IRS # 95-43010434).  On Sept 16, 1991, the Franchise Tax Board of the State of California certified the Ulan Bator Foundation as a charitable corporation, registered with the State of California (Charitable Organization # 488212 UB9F).  The Foundation was initially funded by a grant from the Channel Gateway Company.
The objectives of the Ulan Bator Foundation are:
  1. 1. To celebrate and promote the variegated local culture of Southern California.
  2. 2. To introduce Mongolian culture to the West Los Angeles coastal sub-region in the hope we can learn from her concepts of light, space, air, and horizons.
  3. 3. To establish, grow and make vital the human and institutional connections between Mongolia and Southern California so our two countries go hand in hand together into the 21st century.
The Ulan Bator Foundation has established the following projects in pursuit of these objective:
Board of Directors
Arnold Springer
President, 1990 -
Venice, CA
Chuck Bloomquist
Member, 1990 -
Venice, CA
Sande Cohen
Member, 1990 -
Venice, CA
Ed Mendelsohn (Honorary)
Member, 1990 - 1993
Venice, CA
Mary Lou Johnson (Honorary)
Member, 1990-1997
Venice, CA
Anh Nwin
Member, 2004-
Venice-Ho Chi Minh City
Richard MacKenzie
Member, 1996 -
Manhattan Beach, CA
Wade Piston (Honorary)
Member, 1996 - 2002
Hermosa Beach, CA
Mason & Gatto
CPA, 1990 -
Westchester, CA
About  the  Foundation
Medical  Programs

The California-Mongolia Medical Project (CaMMP) connects Mongolian medical professionals with their counterparts in Southern California in particular and U.S. Medical professionals in general.  Organizes and conducts yearly visits of US medical professionals, focused on pediatric and adolescent medicine.  Teaching and capacity building are the principal objectives of the CaMMP project: 

Self Help and sustainability for Mongolia is the goal.

Brings seriously ill patients to Los Angeles for treatment.

Advocates for a new Mothers and Children's Hospital for Ulaanbaatar.

Travel  Programs 

We have been arranging travel for individuals and small groups to Mongolia and China since 1992.  We have business relationships with the same partners in both countries since the beginning.  We are a not for profit corporation and charge you our partners net quote, plus 2% of land cost to cover our administrative costs in arranging your travel and keeping our records.  Our partners have been operating for many years and know their areas well.  They are completely professional and we have not had any complaints from  our costumers.  We have sample itineraries in our travel section but we mostly arrange your travel based upon your specific needs and requests.  


The Foundation has sponsored three publication projects

   History of Venice of America
     Volume # 1.  History of the Venice Canals: 1850-1939
     Volume # 2.  History of Venice - Annexation and Secession Movements: 1919-1939

Printed in 10,000 copies this Venice History Book has been distributed free to many Venice neighborhoods and also sold so that the monies recouped have covered the original cost of production and printing.  The Book is an art and history project which aims to give the Venice community its own history in its most raw form and which encourages the community to use those materials creatively.  Anecdotes and short  stories  culled from their original sources and arranged chronologically.  Not organized or controlled by overarching narratives.

   The Voice of Ulan Bator
     Four issues

Each also printed in 10,000 copies and distributed free in the West Los Angeles coastal sub-region and in Mongolia.  Published news and information about Mongolia, greater Turkistan, Tibet, Buryatiia, and Buddhism.  Promoted culture exchanged between Mongolia and the people of the West Los Angeles coastal sub-region.

  The Care and Handling of Thangkas
The Foundation distributed 100 free copies  of the important bookt to lamaseries, temples, schools and teachers in Mongolia.

Ulan Bator Foundation
Phone: 001.310.823.5092
Fax: 001.310.823.5092
P.O. Box 3059
Venice, CA 90294