Hospital photos from Mongolia
Maternal and Child Health Research Center (MCHRC), Ulaanbaatar
View from the MCHRC
Approaching MCHRC to begin the day’s ward rounds
MCHRC courtyard
Main entrance to the MCHRC
UBF doctors in front of MCHRC
Side entrance to the MCHRC
Examining xray at MCHRC (Gail Fisher)
Drs. Ross and Wong assess patient
Infant patient at MCHRC
Infant patient at MCHRC
Infant patient at MCHRC
Young patient at MCHRC
Dr. MacKenzie observing a surgery at MCRHC
MEEP lecture at MCHRC
Mother breastfeeding child in MCHRC
Ear exam at MCHRC
Collecting samples at MCHRC, 1996
Surgical scrubs outside the operating room
Hospital intake sheet, MCHRC
Medical records at MCHRC
Recorded medical histories at MCHRC
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