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Producing a multi volume history of Venice California sans narrative discourse.  Anecdotal history organized and informed by standard Western historiographical model.  Book #1, History of Venice of America. 1995.
Four “zines” which introduced Mongolia to Southern California, and Southern California to Mongolia.  10,000 free copies distributed in the West Los Angeles Coastal Sub Region between 1992-1994.
Distributed 100 free copies  of the important book- " The Care and Handling of Thangkas"-  in Mongolia:  To lamaseries, temples, schools and teachers.  Conservation manual and text by Victoria Hill, in English and Tibetan.  Hill is a Venice stakeholder and emeritus chief conservationist and curator of the Tibetan Buddhist Thangka Collection at LACMA.  Published by the Khyentse Foundation of San Francisco and distributed with its permission.
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