To promote cultural exchange and discovery, the Ulan Bator Foundation organizes individual and small group travel to China and Mongolia.  We are interested in introducing the nomadic steppe and mountain grassland culture of east-central Asia to our clients in the hope we can learn from the nomadic appreciation of light, space, air, and horizons by visiting their lands and experiencing their daily life, art, and culture.
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Tour 1: Foundation tour of Mongolia
Tour 2: Buddhist shrines and temples in China and Tibet
Tour 3: Buddhist art and spirituality along the Silk Road
Tour 4: Kashgar market tour
Trip 1: Anthropology tour in Khovd
Trip 2: Central Mongolia
Trip 3: Reindeer herder experience
Trip 4: Buriats of Hentil
Trip 5: Horse party
Trip 6: Paleontology tour
Trip 7: Lake Khuvsqul and Arkhangai
Trip 8: Western provinces: South Gobi and Naadam
Trip 9: Arkhangai
Trip 10: Kharakorin and South Gobi
Trip 11: Altai mountains, national park horse tour
Trip 12: Horse riding, bird hunting, fishing in central provinces (7-10 days)
Trip 1: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai tour
Trip 2: Beijing, Xian, Jinan, Shanghai
Trip 3: Beijing, Xian, Yangtze cruise, Suzhou, Shanghai
Trip 4: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai
Trip 5: Beijing, Tibet, Chengdu, Shanghai
Trip 6: Beijing, Suzhou, Tongli, Hangzhou, Shanghai
Trip 7: Beijing, Kunming, Shanghai
Trip 8: Silk Road exploration tour
Trip 9: Beijing, Suzhou, Tongli, Shanghai
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