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To promote cultural exchange the Ulan Bator Foundation will arrange any in country travel itinerary to Mongolia or China that you request.  Our longtime partners are professional and reliable.  We have been arranging journeys to Mongolia and China since 1995.  Our specialty is travel to the Mongolia countryside for camping and sports, and travel to the far west of China - particularly Xinjiang and the Altai region.
  1. Contribute to public discussion and debate on problems of infrastructure renewal in the West Los Angeles Coastal Sub-region.
  2. Celebrate and promote the variegated local sub-regional culture of Southern California.
  3. Introduce Mongolian culture to the West Los Angeles coastal sub-region in the hope we can learn from her concepts of light, space, air, and horizons.
  4. Establish, grow and make vital the human and institutional connections between Mongolia and Southern California so our two countries go hand in hand together into the 21st century.
The Ulan Bator Foundation has established three projects in pursuit of these objectives.
The Ulan Bator Foundation has two medical programs which we have operated since 1995.  The California-Mongolia Medical Program is focused on pediatric and adolescent medicine and brings doctors from Southern California to Ulaanbaatar on once yearly programs which focus on capacity building among Mongolian doctors.  The California-Xinjiang Medical Program is focused on the Altai Region of Xinjiang and the Kazakh people and their particular needs.
The Ulan Bator Foundation has published four “zines” (1992-95) which introduced the Mongolian people to Southern California and its culture, and Southern California to the people of Mongolia and its culture and history.  It has also published a History of Venice of America, Book #1 which is meant as the first in a series on the history of the famous Southern California beach community.  All publications are available for purchase from the Foundation.
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The Ulan Bator Foundation, a California-based non-profit founded by Dr. Arnold Springer, works to promote the following objectives: